January 31, 2023

Titi Dama’s Recent Music Helps Those Dealing With Mental Health

Ten years ago, rising artist and producer Titi Dama’s life almost changed forever. At that moment, she realized the powerful arsenal she had in her toolkit. “Music,” and she knew she had to give it back to the masses. She  knows one of the most potent forces in the world is ambition and charity. It […]

Avivpr Gears Up For August Festival Season says “Comeback Album on the Way”

The path to success may be littered with a variety of obstacles of various sizes and shapes. Everyone experiences ups and downs that they must work through in order to achieve their objectives. These life difficulties are meant to test your patience, tenacity, and will to achieve despite hardship. It may look unattainable at the […]

Indie Rapper Turned Major Label Prospect, Rapper Saahil Kumar Chathrath Makes a Splash

Only a chosen few are fortunate enough to discover their real passion. To have your passion coincide with your talent is remarkable, if not utterly impossible. One such blessed individual is recording artist Saahil Kumar Chathrath. A true prodigy of his time, this talented artist believes in making music that is heartfelt. This might not […]